Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I've been feeling blah for a few days now, probably due to my lack of water intake. It tastes bad, even yummy RO water, I can only force a few gulps down at a time and then I go as long as possible between the next gulp. It's completely ridiculous, I am well aware, here I am thirsty (one of the first signs of dehydration) nursing AND pregnant. Why don't I just choke it down?

The strange thing is I love water- really, really, really love water. That's typically my drink of choice. My love affair began when I discovered Reverse Osmosis. As a young girl I noticed my next door neighbor bought water, weird, I thought, since you can get if for free out of the tap. They kept the water jug in a their foyer, a little room at the front of their house. I can remember standing directly in front of the 3 gallon container with my water glass thinking I had tasted nothing sweeter in all my life. I was a convert, with this knowledge of what water could taste like I was no longer able to drink from the facet, at least not without a painful longing.

I tried to explain to whoever would listen, about the sweet refreshing taste of RO water. Some agreed it did taste better, perhaps not to the level I placed it but clearly above other waters. The ones I couldn't understand were those that claimed there wasn't a significant difference, this shocked my to my core. I was amazed that someone- anyone, was unable to taste the difference in clearly superior water. But there you have it, some can and some can't.

And now here I am sadly wondering why can I not appreciate the exquisite effects this water should have as it dances across my tongue? Have I lost all taste buds?

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