Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Oh the places we'll go

Well I did it. First outing with three chitlins all by myself. It went down pretty darn well too, despite the scattered showers.

Providence has soccer practice from 5:30-6:30, it's at a park less then 10 minutes away so I figured I would plan to leave at 5 (knowing that there would be some kind disaster like a diaper blowout causing me to leave about 15 minutes behind schedule). It worked like a charm and I was pulling out of the driveway at 5:10 (anyone else trick themselves like that?), as excited as I was to be running ahead of my real schedule (but behind my fake one) I was bummed to arrive at the park well over 10 minutes early and before anyone else...finding the middle ground of right on time is hard to do.

We sat in the car till the coach showed up and then I unloaded: first Providence she's easy and really she unloaded herself, then I put on my wrap and slipped Asaph inside. Last was Jubilee, who walked happily holding my hand, and boy did she seem big.

We played on the park structure while Providence ran around chasing soccer balls till it got too cold and rainy, for the last half hour the two littles and myself sat in the car while I nursed the boy and the girl pressed every button our pathfinder boasts. I had parked just so to be able to keep an eye on the 6 year old as well. Well done mama, well done.

I know am ridiculously proud of our hour long outing, and my meticulously executed plan, but I can't help it.

International my dear, because we're just that classy!

We have our first international giveaway over at She {Hearts} It. A Sunshine Kids booster seat, so hop on over there and sign up. You'll be glad you did because you can check out the other awesome giveaways on the right hand side while you're there.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Down and Dirty

Both of my girls arrived fast and furious, labors from start to finish in under 4 hours.

Boys are different, so I've been told, and oh boy this one started mucho different.

I won't start with the distinct differences during pregnancy, or the months of cramping and contractions (you call them "practice" all you want, this time around they hurt). Nor will I go into the false labor I experienced for the first time. I will begin this story with Labor...kinda.

I have a wonderful midwife. I met her in 2007 at one of my SIL births and I said then "If I ever get remarried and have more children I want her." No one else would do. And so when I got re-married and found out I was having another child I called her right up. She was unable to attend Jubilee's birth due to a series of unfortunate events, including but not limited to: I went into
labor early, I was at my SIL's house which is an additional 30 min from mine (she already lives close to 2 hours away) and she had never been there, it was snowing heavily, and she wasn't called till about an hour before Jubilee came.

6 months later I am calling her again, I told you no one else will do. Truly, I'd rather have her there after the birth then a different midwife during.

Now we'll get to the labor...Sunday night I was once again experiencing cramping, I was tired and so finished. Frustrated with all the pain and discomfort with seemingly nothing to show for it. Everyone kept saying "It's doing something." but I couldn't see what it was doing and had no idea how long my body would just keep doing something. I figured I should call my midwife, before it got too late that night and let her know what was going on. She assured me she was staying in town, which means less the 30 mins away, and to not hesitate to call her.

Isaiah stayed home from work the next morning and our big hic-up was Jubilee happily bathing my phone in the toilet, the result was a completely dead phone and all contacts lost. Meanwhile my concerned midwife was trying to reach my now trashed phone and just getting voice mail. Around 1 or 2 that afternoon as I was trying to get some rest she stopped by and asked if I wanted her to check me. When she did she exclaimed I was at a 4-5! Boy did that put a smile on my face and filled me with renewed energy, nearly halfway there, the easy half granted, but on my way. I jumped up ready to walk the baby out.

We walked and I got tired, came home and rested, walked some more, rested. Slowly others
began showing up. Besides my midwife, her assistant, and an extra midwife that was getting certified and needed another birth, I had invited 3 of my SILs, 6 neices, and my mom who was staying with us.

Throughout the day I was having contractions, but it didn't seem to be really moving. I walked, rested, rolled around on a yoga ball, and did it all over again. Finally around 10pm I was ready to try to get some sleep, midwife checked me again, easily stretched to a 7. Yes. Really. And I was ready to go to sleep! So I did, for about 5 hours. As for the full house, some went home and some settled down to sleep.

On Tuesday morning I woke up around 3am with cramping again, the morning was more of the
same, moving and resting. Around 10-10:30 the 3 midwife ladies said they would leave to give some space but not be too far. I asked if I could take some castor oil at this point, my midwife didn't have a problem with it. She even had a recipe to make a milkshake, saying that it binds with the dairy, with less cramping. The recipe called for 4oz, we did half that. The shake wasn't bad tasting, just a little funky aftertaste. Thankfully, I didn't get any crazy cramping, about two hours later I went to the bathroom once. I came out and told Isaiah to call the midwife back.

I quickly moved into some real and HARD contractions, as I quietly worked through them, tears fell off my face. "I did NOT want to do this", I said over and over, even though I knew it was a little late, I just wanted it to be done. When I began involuntarily pushing everyone quietly arranged themselves in my bedroom (16 bodies, not counting my own) and I sat on a birth stool in the corner with Isaiah behind me. As I sat on the stool I remember saying "Get this baby OUT!" It
seemed mere moments before my body began convulsively pushing again. Providence who had wanted to catch baby was pushed up to the front as my water bags emerged, slight pause and it broke as head came, another slight pause and body came out. As baby was handed to me I announced "It's a boy."
My reward: Asaph - 11lbs - 23 3/4in - born March 15th

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Babe Arrives

And guess what, it's a BOY!!!
Asaph Leighton

Thursday, March 10, 2011

41 Weeks Past

I have now been pregnant approximately 41 weeks (ok really 39 because the 40 week pregnancy wheel really starts at last cycle meaning conception takes place at week 2 of pregnancy) but for the sake of using the 40 schedule, because I have been, I am now 41 weeks. This is when I gave birth to Providence, a 9lb 12oz baby by the way. I think this one is going to top her, IF he/she ever wants to come out.
I think this feels so stretched out because I've (along with everyone around me) been ready and waiting for this baby for the last 4 weeks. Yes FOUR! I did that stupid thing I was saying over and over I wouldn't do- thought I would have the baby early, now baby's getting even.
I have a midwife appointment today, we'll measure this sucker and see that I'm still indeed growing (along with baby). That baby is doing fantastically well (seriously, how can baby move so much still, THERE IS NO MORE ROOM!) And that I could go at anytime. Guesses anyone?
Providence took this picture and I really liked it even if it's {just} a bit blurry.

Monday, March 7, 2011

3-2-1 Blastoff

She {hearts} it launches today with a review of Pure Anada (Natural Cosmetics and Botanical Skincare) including a giveaway worth $60. I am very happy to be a part of this team and will be even happier if you would check us out.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

New Addition

But no it's not the baby.

Oma and Grandpa have been staying with us this week awaiting little one's arrival. Yesterday the sun was out and Providence asked Grandpa to play outside with her and help her clean up her playhouse. Guess what Grandpa found shut up inside.
I'm thanking the Lord that they found her when they did, and not a starved dead cat later. We don't really know how long she was imprisoned but I'm pretty sure Providence has been out there less then a week ago...poor thing was awfully hungry and attention starved.

After Providence cared for her the entire morning Isaiah told me "I guess this is how God gives pets to little girls whose Papa won't." He sat Providence down and told her that Mittens (Providence had named her) may be someone else's cat and might go back home, but if she sticks around then Providence needs to take care of her everyday. A few other rules are she's outside only, and if she sticks around for awhile she's going into the vet to get altered. Providence was a little disappointed about that, explaining that she LOVED kittens. But Papa is firm.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Due Dates and Sisters

Jubilee absolutely adores Providence. She follows her around the house and wants to do everything she does. Sometimes she will even refuse to give me kisses, instead bestowing them on her very willing sister. I love that they can, and do, play together. Providence doesn't seem to mind the copy-cat, yesterday she even picked out "matching" outfits for the two of them. Later I caught them spinning around in circles till they fell down in the living room. Their giggles are infectious, and I'm sorry you can't hear them.
Today is my semi-official due date. I've thought this is a boy nearly the whole pregnancy, and would really like to add some testosterone to our estrogen filled house. Watching the girls together however makes me think throwing another one in the mix would be fun too (not to mention the convenience of clothing). Thankfully I don't get to choose, God in His infinite wisdom does and we'll joyfully receive the blessing He gives.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Another Heartening Return

A few years ago I my friend Drea founded a mama review blog called SIMPLE (still going strong) and asked me on board. I enjoyed everything it entailed getting the products, trying them out, writing about them and telling other mothers...but when I got re-married I dropped out of the online world and needed a break. Which stretched a good two years. So imagine my excitement when Drea said she was launching a new review site with another friend, and asked if I would like to be a part of it. Hmm, let me think two seconds...YES!

She{hearts} will officially launch March 7th with fun giveaways so take a peak and check back often.

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