Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I've been feeling blah for a few days now, probably due to my lack of water intake. It tastes bad, even yummy RO water, I can only force a few gulps down at a time and then I go as long as possible between the next gulp. It's completely ridiculous, I am well aware, here I am thirsty (one of the first signs of dehydration) nursing AND pregnant. Why don't I just choke it down?

The strange thing is I love water- really, really, really love water. That's typically my drink of choice. My love affair began when I discovered Reverse Osmosis. As a young girl I noticed my next door neighbor bought water, weird, I thought, since you can get if for free out of the tap. They kept the water jug in a their foyer, a little room at the front of their house. I can remember standing directly in front of the 3 gallon container with my water glass thinking I had tasted nothing sweeter in all my life. I was a convert, with this knowledge of what water could taste like I was no longer able to drink from the facet, at least not without a painful longing.

I tried to explain to whoever would listen, about the sweet refreshing taste of RO water. Some agreed it did taste better, perhaps not to the level I placed it but clearly above other waters. The ones I couldn't understand were those that claimed there wasn't a significant difference, this shocked my to my core. I was amazed that someone- anyone, was unable to taste the difference in clearly superior water. But there you have it, some can and some can't.

And now here I am sadly wondering why can I not appreciate the exquisite effects this water should have as it dances across my tongue? Have I lost all taste buds?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Moving Right Along

I am in my second trimester. Another 6 months and I'll have another wee one. Am I ready?

I'll be honest here, when Jubilee was about 2 months old I was thinking irish twins would be awesome, then she became mobile. 5 years makes you forget things. I forgot how clingy and whiny babies can be. I forgot how they get into anything and everything and it immediately goes into their mouth. I forgot how often sweeping and vacuuming need to be done. And I forgot how dirty new eaters get. I am a little scared of two.

I forgot a few other things too, I forgot how perfectly a little body fits into your arms. I forgot about first laughs and kisses. I forgot how it feels to have them reach for you, only you. And I forgot that their smile really truly is worth the sleepless nights (it just doesn't feel like it at night). This time around I even got to experience a few new things too, how much Providence loves being a big sister. The look in a fathers eye the first time he sees his new baby. The look in baby's eye when papa comes home from work. I like that.

So here's to not having time to forget this time around.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Being the Best

Isaiah came home with the cutest little size 3 soccer ball and shin guards today. That's right we've signed Providence up for a team sport, and not just any team sport- a big time running one, for my happily moseying daughter. Providence immediately wanted to get outside and try them out, and I must admit this may be what was needed to start the fire, she certainly did happily run around till she was quite red in the face. At the end of her little session with Papa she told me that she thinks she'll be "the best soccer player out there." We had talked to her about what the most important thing is? "Loving the Lord" and doing that in soccer is? "Playing your best...but I still think I'll be the best, because I'll be practicing real hard." I'm about to launch into this spiel that even with practice she's not very coordinated and inexperienced, other children have been doing this for years and Isaiah says "I have no problem with that, so long as you're loving the Lord." Simple as that. Hmmm, I thought I was the nice parent.

Saturday, July 31, 2010


I will now acquaint you with our add ons.

Isaiah: Since he came first we'll start with him.
He loves: hot weather, water, motorcycles, Toyota's (especially his little '94 Toyota truck he got last month), music "good" music he'd say, concerts (even on DVD), his garden, and bacon and perhaps that should have been first.
He hates: Anything with mayonnaise but particularly pasta salad, cheesy music/movies/dialog, the saplings coming up all over our yard from our neighbors trees roots, a dirty kitchen, and going to sleep at 6pm (which he has to do for his job).
Since I've been pregnant for the majority of our marriage so far this might just be my extra sensitivity, but he can be a bit of a brute saying what he thinks with no coddling. We've been good for each other, him to toughen me up and me to soften him. He is becoming more and more of a wonderful father. Providence gets nannied from me (I don't like to admit it but I am a softy) so it's been good to have him push and stretch her more, plus he does all these fun things mom's just don't seem to be able to make time for, mostly playing. He works hard all day and more often then not comes home and makes the family dinner. He comes from a family of 10 (12 including parents) and would love his own to be as large, of course his mother started much younger...

Jubilee: She loves: Eating, her pacifier, pulling herself up on whatever she can get her hands on, and her sister.
She hates: Not getting whatever everyone else is eating, papa walking right by her when he gets home from work, and when mama doesn't pick her up.
Starting life with a roar Jubilee arrived early and so quickly the midwife was unable to get there in time. She was the most austere baby I have ever seen, giving people the stare down of their lives, while they try to coax a smile. Winning a smile from her is rare but very rewarding since she makes you work so hard for it. As she is getting older she has become more amiable so those hard worked for smiles are bestowed more often, in fact at home they're becoming quite common. She is a little papa's girl and will be a sweet angel for him while saving up all her fusses for me. She has an awful temper, way more fiery then Providence was.

I can't imagine life without these now very integral parts of our family. God has been good.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Return From Beyond

After a year and a half sabbatical, I have returned, I'm pretty sure at least. And I've brought along a couple extra people...

I've thought often of returning, just finally realizing I have over a year of forgotten memories and unknown silly things said or done took awhile. I want to remember them. So here I am. To begin here's the break down of the year. At least what you're gonna get off the top of my head and to prove my point.

February - Married Isaiah. Now I can finally blog about my own what exactly does that mean?

March - Found out I was expecting

Spring/Summer/Fall - Was pregnant and very pregnant, did things in that state.

September - Providence turned 5, now she'll be 6 in a few short months.

October - Moved to a cutsie house about 5 minutes from the old one. By cutsie I mean both it's about 1/2 the size of the old place, and we LOVE it.

November - Welcomed our daughter Jubilee to our family (don't worry there are over 9 months between, in case you're a counter)

Winter/Spring - Adjusted to said arrival.

July - Providence went on her first trip without me, to California with my family for an entire week. All involved did wonderfully, well that's slightly exaggerated for my part.

And to bring you up to speed completely I am expecting again in Feb/March of 2011.

So not to overwhelm, I will end there for now. Introductions to the new members of our unit forthcoming.

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