Friday, November 21, 2008

If You Only Knew

Would you allow your 4 year old to dress herself? Here's a warning if you would... Yes those are socks over her tights.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

How I'm Loved

Yesterday was your very owns birthday....and look what I got from some of my favorite California people.

*excuse the poor quality and just think about those lovely fuzzy faces that love me*

Friday, November 7, 2008

Oh What a Morning, Oh What a Day

Providence has been sobbing this last half hour. Over what you may ask, because I sure did when I discovered her in such a crushed state. Because she wants to grow up and get married. Let that sink in for a 4 year old is wrecked because she wants to get married. So we prayed for her husband-to-be and then I asked her why she wanted to get married so badly she said that she wanted kids as new tears sprang into her eyes. I wrapped my arms around her and asked if she would hold them and kiss them like this, she assured me that she would and then burst into a fresh series of sobs as a new idea struck her...She might miss me when she get's married.

Just another day with Providence, I think she enjoys these bouts of misery.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Who Say's I'm Blind?

I don't really see the resemblance between me and my daughter I've been hearing we have from so many. But I sure wouldn't change a thing.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Today If You Will Hear

O Come, let us worship and bow down: let us kneel before the LORD our maker. For He is our God; and we are the people of His pasture, and the sheep of His hand. To day if you will hear His voice Psalm 95:6&7

I read this tonight while I was putting Providence to bed. It gave me peace in light of the election...or even in light our two party candidates, I am the LORDS and I will hear His voice, everything else just kind of fades away. Not in some crazy spiritual way, I do live here on earth, but my God is Lord still and I will serve Him.

If you hear His voice today you will be in His hand also.

When I voted yesterday I got butterfly's, yes I did and
today there is much to smile at, and life to live.

A Need For Speed

I got pulled over Saturday on my way to a baby shower, I'm sorry to say it's not my first time and likely not my last either. I've received 2 (or 3) speeding tickets, at least 1 parking ticket and a smattering of fix-it tickets but I have had my license for nearly 10 years.

I've always loved going fast, not a risk taking kind of fast, just a pleasant in control road eating kind of fast, let me tell you it was a sad day for me when I discovered my new car had an automatic shut off at 105. I'm admitting this because you see I am being sanctified, it's just a long hard road for me. If I was comfortable with the car and road I used to drive at least 20 miles over the speed limit nearly always. Since having Providence I've definitely reigned it in, but I guess still push the limit. I don't try to do it, it's my car...really, it wants to go fast.

On Saturday I was shown mercy, and have tried to take it to heart by using cruise control to keep my speeding ways down. I think what I need to do is one day go to the salt flats (or another such place) so I can speed to my hearts content.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween In A Nutshell (Or How 'bout a Pumpkin Seed?)

Peter Pans and Tinker Bells (that's us you know) treating began around 3, where all the downtown shops were handing out candy like it was ice on the hottest day of the summer. We walked around for about two hours collecting the goods before heading off the to next function.

Kelsey, (you know the one you just had a baby 9 days ago, and is up and about like some kind of super women) invited us to attend a church harvest party with their family, so there's where we were from 6-9. The kids had fun but it was so overwhelming to have hundreds of people around you (and I'm sure it didn't help any that I insisted that we do every single game). This harvest party had two incredibly large rooms, one filled with games and candy and the other with bouncy houses, bouncy slides, and a rock climbing wall (by the way you may not be able to tell but I italicized the S's so you would recognize that we're talking plural here, I want you to know just how big these rooms were that they could fit multiple bouncy structures). I was quite done when Providence decided that she wanted to try the rock climbing wall and we slipped into line (I must say with a poor attitude on my part). 40 minutes later we've advanced about half the line, yes that's 4-0! Pity me if you will. Kelsey (a life savor by the way) finally came over and convinced Providence to forsake the rock climbing (something I had been trying to do since the beginning) and enjoy a few other things.

Once loaded up at 9 I debated upon going to yet another party at a friends and Providence concluded that we should go. I really wanted to as well but I was trying to think about sleep, so I decided that if she fell asleep in the car it would be to bed with us both. Providence proved that with enough sugar in your blood your eyes won't close if you're trying, so off we went.We arrived there about 9:30 and enjoyed a bit slower pace, visiting and playing with the kids. Time flew away and we didn't leave till 11, but there was a sugar crash on the way home and Providence fell asleep.

To my horror upon returning home I found the bowl I left out filled with candy for the trick-or-treaters untouched. So now not only did Providence gather a bounty but I have that bowl also. I poured Providence's into a bowl and it filled up, right to the top. This is no ordinary bowl either, it's the biggest bowl I have.

Then this morning when Providence woke up at 0930 I went in to her to give a snuggle and the first thing she asked was "What have you been eating?" Busted, I had snuck a piece of her candy before breakfast.

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