Saturday, May 31, 2008


With a road/camping trip coming up the day has been filled with preparation for it. However when I have been preparing to leave Monday morning and I just found out that we will in fact be leaving Sunday my preparation falls quite flat. So off I go to try to cram everything I had planned to do into 24 hours less time then I had figured.

Also I do not know what kind internet access I will have while away but be patient, I shall return.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thinking On, Thinking Of

I have been contemplating cutting Providence's hair. Because as pretty as her curls are, this is what they look like the next morning.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

And That's How It's Done Out Here

Since I was born and raised in California I have actually been using the dishwasher, what can I say, that's what we do out there. Mary Scot (who is a true Idahoan, born and bred right here) kindly explained that's just not how things are done here. See (she said) I'm a working dog and this is my job, making sure your dishes are spotless.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Off With The Old And On To Something Else

We had a hot day a week or two ago that I was out in all day. I even had a burn to prove it. The burn has since settled down and is in mid-process of "off with the old" type thing. My entire back is all flaky and peely and though it's been this way for a couple days apparently Providence didn't notice right away. Having never seen a peeling sunburn when Providence did notice she was slightly perplexed and asked me if it was good for me. I replied that it wasn't (though I was talking about the sunburn not being good, perhaps the peeling is once the damage was done? I'm not sure and for the sake of my tale we will not go into that...Unless someone does know the answer, in which case I would gladly hear it, {or read it, really you don't have to call}). Upon learning that it wasn't good for me Providence immediately came to the worse must mean I'm dying. I assured her it did not, it's just dead skin from the burn I had.

I hope I have done right by being honest with her about her father, I can't imagine doing it any other way. I feel very strongly about not lying to my daughter nor purposely deceiving her about things, big or small. Obviously there are age appropriate things, but if I am unable to answer questions honestly then I just wouldn't answer, and I would tell her that I was unable to answer that for her at that time. I have yet to run into that problem but there's the plan of action should it happen.

Back to her father...I have been completely honest about Joe, she's asked many a question and we talk of him often. She seems more aware of death then most three year olds, which I guess, when you talk about it, you have to think about it, so it makes sense. I just hope that my teaching of life and death will still her fears. That the Lord gives us time here on earth, and we should be grateful for each moment, each breath we're given, that's it's a good thing to be here and the Lord watches over us and provides for us, and then we die but the Lord still provides for us, in such a glorious way that we get to spend eternity not only with Him but also with each other. Providence can and does look forward to the day when she will meet both her Heavenly Father, and also her earthly father. I imagine that they will be able to hold each other for the first time and rejoice fully in the work of the Lord.
With Memorial Day tomorrow I just want to encourage if I can, for you to remember those that have given their lives, my husband among them. Honor these men, their lives and sacrifice. A great way to do this daily is to live your life to the fullest. Pour love into your family without expecting anything back, give to them your life completely and totally. Rejoice in the Lord, do not become bitter. Play with your children, enjoy them, train them, do not let them become your burden. Doing this will not only honor those who've died but the living as well. And of course the highest honor, glory, and praise should always be reserved for our Savior.

Friday, May 23, 2008

On a Hunt

Last week I decided to make a new tradition in our house, well a variation of what I mentioned anyhow. We call it "XO Hunt's." Every night while Providence sleeps I make a simple XO note and then place it somewhere she will easily be able to spot in the morning. It has been most fun, and each day (sometimes even multiple time a day) when Providence suddenly says "Do I have an XO note?" very expectantly it gives me a thrill. After finding one she brings it beaming ready to redeem (with hugs and kisses of course). Providence is proud of her first weeks booty from her XO Hunts.With new notes arriving daily I was still surprised to find one for me (ok so not too surprised since I was lead into the room by the hand with a big smile and a "There might be something for you, you better look!") I had to take a picture of my first XO note. Well first couple, I'm finding them all over...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What No Pictures?!!

Yesterday evening we got some rain, big ol' fat raindrops pouring from the sky. With the rain came lightening and thunder, I didn't actually see any lightening, only heard and felt the thunder but I know there were bright streaks across the sky multiple times (because you can't have one without the other).

So here comes the no pictures part (because, yes the title DOES have to do with the post). I was enjoying the rain and cooler weather sitting in the open doorway of my front door while catching up with a friend I haven't spoken to in months, when I realize that my daughter is dancing around in the rain. It was one of those things that you saw but didn't process till it was too late. I saw her walk past me in the doorway, continue past the overhang, and begin a combination of swaying, dipping, and running around in the pouring rain. It just didn't make it's way to the processing part of my mind till minutes later, by which time the rain had done it job soaking her to the bone, or at least her clothes (side note: she was quite concerned when I used the phrase soaking to the bone...and really no wonder our kids get confused sometimes with these silly phrases). So I let her continue her rain dance for the next half hour while I chatted on the phone. Unfortunately I didn't even think to get pictures till this morning which was clearly too late, we can't even recreate it because Mr. Sun is back.

Monday, May 19, 2008


So puppy was a surprise right? I was quite surprised myself at the time and now believe that I was possessed when it occurred.

The facts: Female, 7 or 8 weeks, half German Shorthair Pointer and half English Setter, named Mary Scot (yes, she had stolen Flosha's nickname) and speaking of Flosha she seems to be taking it rather well and the two girls actually like playing together. Flosha does let Mary Scot know whats what when she's all done though.

The story: I was having a bad day, tears were shed, sister-in-law sends craigslist ad, ad opened, cute puppy picture, tears cease call made, next thing I know I am home with a dog.

Soooo down side, puppies are like babies only you can't bring them everywhere. I have to rush home from everywhere I go now, get up multiple times a night to go outside for potty breaks, clean up after poo, listen to extra doses of whining and crying, and watch as everything from toys to...well ok just toys, so far, get chewed (and I don't really watch I take it away). Annnd the good part? Well puppies are like babies, cute, cuddly and so darn lovable.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Oh yeah I did

We got a surprise addition to the family today.


I love the things three year olds do. You know, the ones that are perfectly normal and so least to them. Here are a few moments I smiled at this past week.

Of course underwear can double as a hat.

Clearly in a car! Notice the paper seatbelt?

Not exactly sure what happened here, Flosha was found like this.
Apparently in need of some Ariel panties.

Lets get a close up of that...

Can't even say at least they're on the right feet.
But I can say at least she put them on herself!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Letter Writting

When I recently received a product from Bambini Boutique to review for Simple I was surprised to find something extra in the package. It's a book called "Held in the Arms of Love" scattered throughout the pages are questions to ponder before you write a letter to your child in the blank pages at the end. One of the owners of Bambini Boutique whom I've emailed with back a forth a number of times actually wrote me a short note telling me that I was one of the inspirations for her to carry this book on her website, and wanted share it with me to give to Providence. Apparently a few years back the author sent 500 books to military personnel in combat.

I struggled with the idea of writing a letter to Providence, I would cry just thinking about it.
I kept thinking I want to live out what I want her to know. I want Providence to see in our interaction and the way I interact with everybody I meet how I wish her to live. I want to be an example to her, pointing her to Christ with each breath I take, not just with my words. Perhaps I was feeling that if I wrote a letter filled with what I want her to know I won't need to be here to show her. Silly thoughts I know, but when death touches you closely it stays close.

Thinking about what I would write made me wonder what her father would have written to her if he had known they would never meet. Which made me wonder why didn't I get the death letter I know had to have been written to me (before combat they all wrote one), what happened to it? What was written in it? For though I know what Joe's heart would say I wanted to read the words he wanted to leave me with, the words he wrote to comfort me when he was unable to.

All these wonderings would completely overwhelm my mind, tears would blur my vision, and my heart would feel like it was choking, suffocating each time I turned my thoughts to writing this letter.

Then today I checked out the authors website, Baby Love Letters. I spent a good while reading her "Friday letters" (more then my allotted computer time) and it made me desire to start some kind of written tradition. She had a lot of ideas on there, birthday letters and airplane letters but I think I will start with XOXO notes. Something small I can tackle first, something that makes my heart smile.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Loved, I am

My heart is brimming over with love, it does that from time to time.

My thoughtful sisters, Ivanna and Osanna, surprised me with a mothers day package. I was so thrilled to find a present for me inside the package since it was addressed to both me and Providence. It seems that once you have a child all thought and care goes to them, which I thought I didn't mind...and still think I don't mind, but then why can a present can make me feel this way...anyhow they sent me a pair of gorgeous earrings. I opened my present early and wore them yesterday. The beads are handmade from my hometown.

The next surprise I received was from my brother Aaron he arrived at my house with another mothers day present, a perfect beautiful twisted willow tree. Though encouraged by Kelsey to get me something, he decided what to get and planned it out all himself, completely surprising both me and Kelsey. Isn't my tree just beautiful?

As a single mother of a three year old I wasn't expecting much more then a hug (still the BEST present). Perhaps a few phone calls. And to be honest I'm not doing anything more then that for the mothers in my life myself (horrible daughter/daughter-in-law that I am, but I really do love you both I just got so sidetracked this week...) Regardless of my unthoughtfulness, I feel so loved, and have the most wonderful siblings.

Motherhood is a joy and I feel so blessed to be honored with it, and hope you feel the same. So all mothers out there, know that I am thinking of you, loving you, and admiring you. How could I not?
My heart if so full this day it just pours out.

Happy Mothers Day!

Friday, May 9, 2008


The big reveal...Providence's playroom is finally finished, and turned out exactly as it was in my minds eye.

Heres a picture of just the tree (before the toys were crammed back in).
A big thank you to Rose for helping out.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I'm Up To Something

I am right smack-dab in the middle of a project...a SECRET project. OK so a not very secret project. A break is needed for parental duties and food, I will post pictures of the finished product...well when it's finished. Until then here's a hint.

Monday, May 5, 2008


I have been attacked by the sneezes. Constant, wild, hard, sneezes. They have rattled my brain around making it very unhappy and are giving my abs a workout as well. Don't touch the inside of my elbow, that's what I use to try to contain the out spray.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Now That's Timing It

I now time how long I am on the computer, and because of it I have HOURS more in my day, seriously. Things I thought I would never have time to accomplish and wondered how others could, are now daily happenings. Yes, things like school, walking, regular meal times, reading, playing games, outside play, showers...ok so those still aren't daily occurrences (and lets face it probably never will be). How could this blessed thing consume so much of my time? I am like a tiger set lose from a cage, no longer bound.
The Farmers Market here is pretty much amazing, I mean it's alot more then one would think coming from the West Coast to the Mid-West. When it warms up more there will be a fountain for the kidlets to play in and it's fun to get outside, walk and browse, and find some tasty bits to nibble on. Although today I was extremely disappointed when I discovered my carefully chosen and guarded business card collection I had gathered disappeared. I am not only disappointed to lose that treasure, but also in myself, for they could not have turned into nothingness, which would mean that I dropped them, which would mean that I littered ::shame::

Thursday, May 1, 2008

It's Just That Simple

I have been reviewing products over at Simple for a few months now. It's been enjoyable and very satisfying to have an opportunity to showcase products I love. Our goal is to review products honestly for other women and mothers, sharing new (and sometimes old) fun and useful products with them. We feature reviews, coupon codes, and giveaways...products for you to win!

Simple has recently remodeled. Not only the look of our blog, but we have also added four new mothers. With the addition to the team we will be able to post regularly, that means beginning next week you can find something new at Simple daily.

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