Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Girls and Dresses

There is a giveaway going on over at Simple that all mama's of girls should check out.

What Makes a Bad Mama?

Providence and I love to go to the library. We go weekly for the pre-school story time, and often will end up at the library at least once more in the week. Not only do we pick stuff out while there, but I also go online and special request things to pick up at the front desk. So every week we fill up with books, movies, and music for us both.

Since Providence has her own card I request all children things with hers, that way it frees mine up to get grown-up things. Every week up front as the librarian checks out each item, I pass them on to Providence and exclaim how fun it will be to read/watch/listen to it together.
This past library visit Providence had some things to pick up, Sense and Sensibility (the movie), and another movie called Diggers. As usual I excitedly showed them to Providence and talked about what fun it will be to watch these together.

Later that day we thought we would relax and watch a new library movie. I pulled out diggers and while a bit surprised again at the cover shrugged and turned on the DVD player, imagine my shock when somehow a blaring R rating was staring me down. I was horrified when I realized this was not the more kid-friendly Holes that I had mistaken it for.

Monday, July 28, 2008

It's A Girl Thing

Providence had become increasingly interested in catalogs. Perhaps because she is a girl, perhaps because she likes pretty things, or perhaps because that is what I give her as "her" mail.

Whatever the reason, she will sit quietly to review her catalogs. She was very impressed with the most recent one, Pottery Barn Kids. She thought all the rooms were so beautiful (except the icky boy ones). In fact she was so impressed she tore her favorite pages out and taped them up so she could view them easily, and this with no inquiries to me, somehow she just knew what to do.

While I was observing her semi-careful duty of tearing the pages out she came across one that was giving her some trouble. While she struggled with this page I overheard her admonishing it with "Come on you disobedient page, obey!"

Saturday, July 26, 2008

When You Just Need Sleep

Once upon a time I began a day SO tired. Unbelievably tired. Like "Did I really get any sleep?" tired. It was a day made to nap. Yes, made to nap, as in if I didn't my patience would be stretched beyonds it's limits and my eyes would dry up and leave me blind. I just needed to lie down. My eyes needed to be closed and my vocal cords unused.
I was apprehensive of Providence sleeping too since the last time we napped together it ended up being a three hour nap, which though very nice and refreshing it then it took two hours for Providence to go to sleep that night, and I didn't want to go through that again (I am one of those people that just lie down and sleep, tossing for a half hour is agony to me. I used to boast a less then 5 min sleep time, now I think the average is around 10 minutes after the kid sleeps).

I came up with a grand plan, I would rest and she would do some quiet activity on the bed. Staying on the bed had a two fold reason, 1: It kept her out of trouble, you know trouble -like finding a flood in the bathroom because she was trying to mop, or a newly "reorganized" kitchen because she was trying to make it pretty, or how about finding all the clothes taken out of a dresser thats now filled up with kittens- that kind of trouble. 2: If I am going to be somewhat out of it I at least want her in the same room as me. I love having all this space but at times (like sleeping times, my sleeping times) I like Providence to be close by.

So I have the plan, now the only problem was finding an activity, a non-messy activity that was not only quiet but would hold her attention for awhile. I came up with making necklaces. She had gotten a little kit with all kinds of beads from her Gram while we were in Oregon, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to break it open.

It did keep her occupied and quiet. She had a good time and no mess was made. And while I didn't get the best nap, it was enough to hold me off till bedtime, plus I got a wicked cool necklace out of it.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

It's Mutual

I have been convicted lately about time spent in scripture, or rather lack there of. There seems to be a million other things that are calling out to be done, and that is the one that gets back burner far too often.

It really hit home a couple weeks ago with a visual my friend Deb (see I do read your blog) wrote. Her sister had shared a sermon about abiding in the vine. Her pastor brought in a cut branch, and as he showed everyone this wilting branch he said "See how this looks? And this is only 24 hours off the tree, imagine 2 days week later?"

No wonder I feel wilted and like I can never get it all done. I need to be revived, refreshed, and abide in my Vine.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

We All Learn Now And Then

Last night Providence and I spent over half an hour reading the entire George and Martha series. They are so hilarious in their silly simplicity. I love the words they use like fond, wicked, flabbergasted, bawling out, and such. It makes me smile, it makes me want to write children's stories, it also makes me wish some things could be worked out so easily.

Speaking of children's books we recently finished Charles Perrault's Fairy Tales in which there was a tale called Patient Griselda, to be honest it was very nearly hard for me to read. In our culture of feminism and doing what's right...for you, this story seems to be everything we despise. After marriage the husband is convinced that his wife cannot really be as good as she seems and so sets about to make her miserable. She patiently, serenely, and lovingly accepts her husbands absolute wickedness, even when he takes away their child from her. In the end he finally sees that she has been a good wife and vows to work harder for her happiness then he ever did to make her miserable, however the rage in my breast was telling me that nothing could ever erase the last 16 years of his treatment and how could she still love him?

How I need to tame that rage and instead admire such character, such inner strength. How I need to tame a heart
, in my opinion, too much in this culture. And how grateful I am that the Lord is so patient with me, more so then Griselda even.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Years Past: Part II

You know how some people like confrontation, or a debate? They like a good argument, something to stir their mind, and yes some just like to do a bang-up job of making others feel stupid.

Well my husband was that way, only instead of words he used his fist's. You might say he was a fighter. He liked a good street fight now and again whether he won or lost it didn't matter, at least not too much.

As he got older I suppose this died a bit, and tragically (to some) marriage seemed to domesticate him even more. However he occasionally would still be on the lookout for a good fight.
This was New Year's 2003, Joe in all his glory was quite proud of the beaut of a shiner (it turned a gorgeous purple after a few hours) and the good 8 or so stitches needed for that lip.

After spending New Years Eve down in Waikiki, striking midnight while we were on the beach, and around town till the wee hours of the morning, we were walking along preparing to figure a way back to the other side of the island for our group which though dwindled down from the beginning of the night still included quite a few. Up ahead there seemed to be a disturbance of some sort and as we got closer it was apparent that a number of young men were calling out to some young women. While the ladies did not appear to speak english it seemed as though they were trying to move on. Two of the girls were able to speed up and proceed on course but one of their group was physically restrained by one of the young men. Joe told the guy to let her go, which thankfully he did, but Joe continued to scold (the nicest way I can put it) him. As this escalated more and more of each group became involved until someone punched Joe in the back of the head and it turned into a good scramble. Gina and myself, the only two women of our group and both pregnant at the time, tried to stay out of the way as much as possible and let it run it's course, which it did ending with that group of boys taking off and leaving our group with many lumps and bruises. I only hope ours inflicted as many as were received.

Friday, July 18, 2008

True Love

Providence (the one with the dramatics) was belting out loves songs in the car apparently so full of love she couldn't keep it in any longer. Words to the song ran along the lines of "I opened my heart and let true love in, now my heart is full of true love..." The true part was particularly stressed indicating to us that it was not fake love, or mediocre love she was singing about. No it was the pure deep true love kind.

She gently but with great emotion shared this true love in her heart with Uncle Aaron when we went over to their house, and was lovingly attentive to all. Even when the hose was turned on and she got wet, she took it in a loving stride. As it then escalated into an impromptu water war in which all children participating became drenched, she just laughed her way through.

No it wasn't till she tripped that her whole countenance changed and she suddenly realized that she was "Definitely not in true love anymore!"

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Back In Slow Motion

Yes, yes I'm back. Yes, yes it's been a few days. I've just been staring at a blank page, wondering if I should indeed continue. Too many little things to recall, and you know what they say about habits, they're easy to break (well the good ones anyway, and yes blogging is a good habit for me).

I was in Oregon for part of this last week at a family reunion, it was so much fun visiting, being chilly, meeting family I have not yet met (though I have known my in-laws for over 10 years), wearing long pants, late nights, sleeping with a blanket, leisurely mornings, getting goose bumps, oh and being cold did I mention that?

Providence was positively enamored with Ray, (my brother-in-laws soon to be wife, he proposed at the reunion). On a walk they collected items together to make into a wand, so on the return and after a glue run, pokey (the stick) was then decorated. Providence also spent a good deal of time singing and loving on her cousin, who's in utero by the way, Ray was very obliging to let her. And though I did less petting and stroking then Providence I am no less excited to meet my new little supposed niece, but when am I going to get a nephew already?

We had a lovely time at the beach, and I realized once again how terribly sad was my lack of beach going when I lived 10 minutes from one both in California and Hawaii. I had a small little pity-regret party for myself and then proceeded to enjoy the rest of the time there. Besides it's my own fault of not appreciating something till it was no more, and if I thought about it seriously I would not be spending all waking hours at the beach even if I were to go back now. In fact I am probably a perfect beach vacationer and will go more when I don't live near one, or very nearly the same amount, pregnancy aside (because when I was pregnant I did go often).

Providence went on quest to find a mermaid and surprisingly came back without having seen even the tail of one swimming away. Well you can imagine her broken heart and broke down into sobs of anguish for not having met one. She was comforted with the idea of being a mermaid herself and I was able to get of video of the mermaid swimming.

In other news: Since we've been home last few days Providence has been telling me that she always obeys, even right after being disciplined for disobeying. It's a great endeavor but I won't be holding my breath.

One of our fish died this morning,and I have yet to give it a proper burial (think toilet).

I just discovered that my friend is arriving at the airport at 3:30 today, the 3:30 that is not 5:30 which is what I have been preparing for, whoops. But hurray too!

umm, the car needs to be cleaned out...
I need to get food in this house...
Take dog for walk...
I suppose I should start by taking leave of the computer.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

It's That Good

We just don't understand people that don't like watermelon. We could eat it all
day everyday, oh yes we could. So take a bite out of that!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Years Past: Part I

Once upon a time not so long ago I owned a Rhodesian Ridgeback, named Ajax. He was my first dog, and he was beautiful. We'll save how I got him and why I don't have him anymore for another time. Today I wish to tell the story of his move from Hawaii to California.

Moving from Hawaii was very hard for me. I had a five month old baby and Joe had died about a month previous, I now needed to pack up my previous life of a wife excitedly preparing for her husbands return, to a new life, a grieving widow and new mother. Honestly I don't remember much of that transition, but Ajax's move broke through the fog and is a pretty clear memory.

Ajax was 2 when Joe died and had never been crated, I had about a week to try to crate train him for the airplane trip he would need to take to California for our move. In that week I was able to get him to reach his head in the crate for a treat -that's it- and even that was done with caution. It was suggested that I have him sedated for the plane ride but when I asked a vet about it they suggested giving benadryl.

The morning of the trip I gave Ajax his benadryl and then encouraged him into the crate while it was in the car, wonder of wonders he didn't give much of a struggle (probably searching for that treat). With him in the crate we were easily able to load the rest of our luggage and proceed to the airport, with a big load off my mind.

However once at the airport when I was checking him in I discovered much to my horror that I would need to take him out while the crate was inspected. Putting a 120lb dog back in was a good 15 minute chore which included myself, my sister Ivanna, and the airport crate inspector guy. Finally we got him in, Mr. Crate Inspector closed the door on the crate and once again I felt a load off, although I was hot, sweaty and covered in dog hair, Ajax was set.

When settled into our seats on the plane I surprised to hear my name being paged, and when I approached one of the Flight Attendants I was told it was about my dog and they needed me. So I was ushered off the plane down some stairs and once on the tarmac I was met with a golf cart type vehicle which sped me away.

Apparently while they were loading Ajax into the plane his door sprung open (I maintain Mr.
Crate Inspector had failed to latch it) he leaped out and began wildly running around on the tarmac while workers where frantically chasing him.

Since planes couldn't land or take off while there was a dog on the loose they called me down to see what I could do. Thankfully he came as soon as he saw me but getting him into the crate was even harder the third time around. By the time he was secured I was in tears and had scratches, bruises, and even more dog hair all over my body. I was emotionally and physically spent and wanted to strangle the vet who failed to mention that there was a small chance
that benadryl instead of being a mild tranquilizer, could have the opposite effect.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


We have been busy with our house guests, not only with visiting but with some work around here too and so busy pictures have been neglected. Providence has loved having so many to play with and is absolutely in love with Uncle Uriah, wanting to sit next to him at all times, and right next to him, as in touching.

I have loved witnessing all the interaction between her and the family, including overhearing their conversations. I just heard Providence tell Auntie Osanna while getting breakfast that she likes to eat "or-gian-tic" food.

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