Sunday, March 30, 2008

Questions Of Life

I love how interested in life children are. Full of questions, wonder, and delight.

The other day we were conversing while Providence did her business, which if you must know, is a normal everyday occurrence. Those with kids know children are not quick to be embarrassed by their bodily functions, and are actually quite proud of them.

So Providence asks me "Why do children poop? Why do all children poop? Why does everyone poop?"

She seemed so distressed with this knowledge of something affecting everybody, so I tried to explain as best I could that God designed our bodies to not have to carry around everything that we eat. We would get very large if that were so. Instead our bodies are able to assimilate the nutrients from the things we eat while digesting and then we expel the waste. As a home schooler (because a home schooling mother is always schooling, no matter the age or environment we find ourselves in)
I was quite proud of my explanation, quick and to the point, knowing that my daughter idolizes me and trusts wholeheartedly all the I say.

She then looks at me out of the corner of her eye and skeptically says "You sure?"

Friday, March 28, 2008

Strange Happenings

This morning my brother sent me a text picture of Hope in the hospital. I quickly called to find out what was the matter, and he told me that she had some kind of allergic reaction with swelling in her hands and feet and spreading. It happened so quickly they decided to bring her in to get checked out. After getting off the phone with my brother we all gathered together to say a prayer and two minutes later Ivanna walks in carrying Providence (they had been on a special outing together) saying "Providence has hives."

Her poor hands, feet and up her limbs were swollen with angry red blotches. I freaked out saying that Aaron was in the hospital with Hope right now for this very thing. This past week, though separated by states, both of the girls have been having diarrhea and randomly throwing up, so combined with that and that they both had this allergic reaction the same day-actually within an hour of each other, it really worried me. I called a good friend to ask her advise and she recommended that I just go have it looked at, once in the urgent care lobby however the swelling and redness had already been drastically reduced. Then I find out my insurance was not accepted and it would be a $150 deposit just to be put on the waiting list to be seen, ummm, I don't think so. I thought I would pick up some Benadryl myself, since Hope had just been given Benadryl and sent home with the swelling receding. I also asked my friend (a doctor) to look at the rash to put my mind at ease, what a blessing to have friends willing to lay down their plans selflessly to comfort and assure, and the spirit of this whole particular family is so calming. By the time we got to their house Providence seemed back to normal and walked in saying something about having "the hives". After the examination I was told to just keep an eye on her and we proceeded to fly some kites together.

So far no one else seems to have gotten anything, and I hope it stays that way.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Learning Story Telling

I grew up with story telling. My dad tells a fantastic story. As children we would often have him to repeat them over and over, even now we request his stories, made up or real. Our favorites are from his childhood, and we know a number of them by heart, and though we like his telling the best we at times "correct" my dad if he leaves something out. My mom reads her stories, and story reading is an art too. I remember many nights all the children curled up in bed with her while she read to us. This rooted in us a love of stories, by mouth or the written word.

I remember after boot camp Joe returned with the ability to entertain with his stories. Many of us would listen to them often, as he would even act out his stories often throwing us into fits of laughter.

Providence has learned this love also, lately we have been story telling together each taking turns with a few lines and going back and forth like that. It has made for some interesting stories, usually including magical creatures and princesses. The stories always end "happily ever after" though each have their low parts. A recent one including the bad dragon rising from the dead, not once but twice. Thankfully the magical dog, cat, and bunny (that can squeeze under the gate like Peter Rabbit) killed it, the end.

Monday, March 24, 2008

He has risen INDEED!

A very fun Easter,

It began with a full night sleep (12 whole hours for my little
one), onto a fantastic sermon, an egg hunt for the kids,

a movie (in the theater!) with my sibs while Providence hung out with my parents, a dinner with our dear friends,

and then they began their jam.

Their youngest, and Providence had fallen asleep and amazingly slept through it all. Every single person but me played an instrument- so to be included I took pictures, and sang along.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

I have safely arrived, the drive actually ended up speeding by, and not too literally either, I kept the cruise control at 5 m/h over the limit. Big improvement from my speedy ways. Providence is loving being near aunties, uncle, Oma, Papa, and of course the Johnson's. Last night we went to a Christian Seder, if you ever have a chance to go to one - DO. I can not encourage you enough. I have been to a number over the years and it just gets better each time. This year we celebrated way off the calendar. Passover is not for another month, but I am glad it was done so far off so I could be here to enjoy it. I am doing poorly with taking pictures, the camera has not been unpacked yet, but I got a couple with a camera phone.

The night after we got we got in Providence woke up numerous times with diarrhea and vomit (no fever), quite a fun experience I must say, especially the part where I tried to catch the vomit in my hands. The next day brought smiles and and no indication of sickness, by mid-day I thought perhaps she had eaten something off. Evening she was tired but I just attributed it to the bad night sleep the night before...well it was another night of vomiting, though no diarrhea this time and still no fever. She is now awake, once again happily acting in a regular un-sick way. I have no idea what's going on here...sick or not? She seems to be one person by day and an entirely different people by person by night. I really hope that no one catches anything from her if this is indeed some kind of sickness, and being visited upon us two nights in a row that would be my inclination. ::sigh:: Washing vomit out of a screaming child's hair is never easy, and even less so when I am running on about 16 hours of broken sleep in the last 3 days. Oh, and throw a 12 hours drive in there. Never-the-less, we are happy to be here.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Here I come!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Boys Like

We went shopping for my brothers birthday, I had already gotten him a travel Scrabble board, as he loves Scrabble (and why wouldn't he? I always lose). But my mom, who is here visiting, still wanted to pick him up something. While at the store Providence was looking around in the toy department and told me very knowingly, "Boys like scary bad guys, so I want to get uncle Aaron this because that is what boys like." And it looked like he did indeed like it.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Now That's Tired

The past few weeks we have had grandma visits; first my mother-in-law and less then a week later my mother who is visiting now. These visits have made for some very late nights, for myself as well as for Providence. Last night after enduring an entire day of tears, and since the Lord's day was following, I decided that is was time for an early to bed. When I told Providence that it was time to go to bed my statement was met with more tears and "but I'm not tired, not at all, look don't you see the sun, it's not bedtime, I can't go to sleep, I'm just not sleepy, but I wanted to watch a movie today, please can I just watch one, I'm {sob} not {sob} tired!" Once quieted and in bed came "I am really hungry, can I have something to eat, an apple, no I mean a nectarine, sorry I want a nectarine but I said apple, sorry, I am so hungry now." I figured this could indeed be true since we had dinner around 4 at my brothers, so I offered her a carrot which she accepted. Once all settled again, I opened Heidi and began a chapter, I was about 3/4 of the way into it when I realized that I had not heard crunching for sometime. I closed the book and, as her back was towards me, went around the bed to get a good look at the non-tired little girl. I had to take a picture of what I found...she actually fell asleep in the middle of taking a bite!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Cradled In HIS Hand

Ever have times of just knowing that the Lord is very real and guiding each step you take?

Do I Have Quirks?

Well I got tagged, not the first time...but it is the first time I have succumbed, so feel special Krista. I am suppose to:

- Link to the person who tagged you
- Post the rules
- Share 6 non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself
- Tag at least 3 people
- Make sure the people you tagged know by leaving them a comment about it

1 I love writing list's I write them all the time about anything you can think of, even a list of my list's. I have post-its all over till I gather them up to transfer to the bigger list.

2 I love to cross things off my list and will at times write things down that I have already done or accomplished so I can cross it off

3 I always have my doors locked and
check them 2 or 3 times, this is a new quirk since moving...

4 I am a compulsive buyer, if I see something I want - I have to have it then. At times I restrain myself and put it on a list, and then make a list of things I need to do before I can buy it.

5 When I turn off my street I now look back and say "Garage door closed" what can I say, I have never had a garage before and have already had to come back multiple times to make sure I did indeed close it.

6 If I see stray hairs on someones back I try to pick them off covertly (unless I know them), at church, in grocery store lines, etc. But don't worry I don't make list's about that.

I tag whoever wants to write their quirks for everyone to see. Is that breaking the rules?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Esteem Thyself

Recently Providence told me very matter-of-factly "I don't sing really well cause I don't have a good voice, huh." Surprised and slightly horrified that my precious three year old daughter would think such a thing I asked "Who told you that, honey? I think you have a wonderful voice and I love to hear you sing." She carefree as ever, and not in the least horrified, replied "No one told me I just said it cause I don't have a good voice." I reiterated that I do love to hear her sing, and think her voice is lovely. Her "revelation" didn't seem to have any adverse effect on her, she still sings (quite loudly) and enjoys doing so. At first I wondered why my daughter would think so negatively of herself at her age, doesn't that not come till later? Then I thought she doesn't even know what she's saying...maybe she heard someone else say something about themselves having a bad voice and then repeated it...and then I thought you know maybe she just doesn't care. Maybe she realizes that the Lord gave her this voice, she loves to sing, and that's what matters to her. Our society gets so caught up in self esteem, whether good or bad, and maybe it's just the absence of it that is the right balance. Esteeming Christ, and in that, esteeming the creatures that He's made, especially the ones He's made in His image. Which, of course, would include ourselves but reaching much higher and spreading much further. For if we are called unto Him, in Him is our worth.

In other news:

Providence completed construction on a library, to house all our books. Somehow I don't think they'll fit.

Aaron killed one of their ducks and we ate it. I just did a bit of clean up work, Aaron did everything else including the majority of plucking. Kelsey made me take a picture holding the cooked duck, luring me in by saying we were each going to take a picture with it. Well that didn't happen, Kelsey is very sneaky with pictures. *Their male ducks were homicidal, and one of them had already been killed by the others, and this way at least it wasn't killed in vain*

I love it when the cousins all play together nicely.

Monday, March 10, 2008

One Day Or Another

I have finally met some of my neighbors, the neighborly ones. The ones that have cleared my driveway of snow on multiple occasions, just because it's "neighborly". I got some of their mail the other day, it's actually the second time that it's happened, the first time I just put it back in my mailbox; but when I got a large stack of it and noticed it matched my neighbors numbers (they're actually on my cross street, so their address isn't on my street) I decided it was time to make the trip. I was a little nervous as we walked down their loooong driveway but once there, we ended up staying for an hour visiting and playing with their dogs 7 week old puppies. We even went back yesterday for another visit. The whole family is so kind and helpful, one of the boys offered to pile up all my weeds for me. I am very grateful to have neighbors such as these, and overwhelmed at the goodness of the Lord. He takes care of His children.

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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Having A Hard Day

No, I'm not having a hard day, that is one of the phrases oft on Providence's lips. Providence tells me nearly everyday, and it's heightened when required to share something "so very special" with Hope, "I'm having a really hard day"; oh and everyday her "tummy doesn't feel good"; and one more, though not really a phrase- if I give her instruction (i.e. do NOT put the flash drive in your mouth it is not a kazoo and that could break it) she will start crying, sobbing really, about missing someone, lately it's been Aaliyah, Oma was the misser of choice before her. It's gotten to the point that I will not allow her to cry about missing someone after I have given her instruction (i.e. you may not jump on the bed, though usually she is allowed to, while Joy is on it you could hurt her). I've found the water works start if the instruction is intense, when there could be damage to whatever she's doing I must have an urgency in my voice that affects her so. But it appears to be a round about way to have a fit and I don't allow the sobbing anymore, boy she can really work herself up. She can still cry about missing people, she could even cry about being sorry for doing some unknown wrong, just not like that.

Gram, who has been here for the last week is going home today. In the middle of her stay here I overheard Providence tell her "I love that you came to visit me" It was so sweet and we will sure miss her. Our coming weeks are quickly filling up though, next week comes Oma, then we will drive to CA, then the Johnson's are coming back with us, yay! We will see them everyday for almost a month, don't go and get sick of us now Johnson's.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Where'd That Come From

Last night I was at my desk and heard an odd sound, I looked up and who did I find but Fresh Wind (kitty's newest name) all by her lonesome, trying to figure out how to get down, while I wondered how she got up. A few days ago Providence announced that this little sweet looking killer's name was Fresh Air and that she was going to keep it as that, no more changing, it lasted for a bit longer then day or two and now I guess she is slowly changing it, half the name at a time. I wonder what the day will bring...I foresee anything from Fresh Salsa to Soaring Wind.

Providence made it through her first dentist appointment. It went rather well I think. She was quite nervous, despite our playing dentist for some weeks now in preparation of the visit. She got one of those sticky hands (but it was a sticky tooth) as a prize for not having any cavities, though I think they still give out prizes even if you do have cavities. Thankfully Providence has great spaces between her teeth, the only ones that touch are her back molars. Going to a new dentist has always been an interesting experience for me, not because I am scared of them, not in the least, but because I am missing a front tooth on the bottom, it just never grew in, no baby tooth and nothing to replace the not-lost baby tooth. They all grew in touching anyhow so it's hard to tell, in fact I have had to tell some hygienists while they're writing things down, because they didn't notice. Then after noticing (or me telling about) the poor missing tooth, follow the questions of surprise "It never grew in?" and sometimes even calling others to come and see my missing tooth that never was. This time I had a different interesting experience though, while they were cleaning my teeth with the sonic pick thing the hose shot off and sprayed me all over, it was very shocking. Once I was cleaned up and the thing was fixed, we continued on with the cleaning. It happened again thankfully after the second drenching and another jolt to my gums the hygienist decided to do the rest by hand, she seemed frightfully embarrassed. I have no hard feelings about it though, they were good to me otherwise and very good to Providence, I'm just glad it didn't happen to someone who's afraid of the dentist already.

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Growing Cousins

I bought the cutest Easter dress for Providence yesterday. And on further perusing I found an almost matching dress for Hope and Joy with the same material, different design; so I of course called up my sister-in-law Kelsey and told her I found the girls Easter dress and would be getting them then. Thankfully I have a sister-in-law that takes me well, and even seems to like me, despite all the bossing around and everything. Today when they came over for Monday play-day Kelsey brought over the yummiest applesauce cupcakes made with whole wheat flour, and sweetened with stevia. After admiring the Easter dresses that I got (which Kelsey does like, strangely even liking the ones I got her girls from the infant/toddler section better, then the much superior one I got Providence from the girls section, but who am I to argue with pregnancy) she wanted Hope to wear her new dress "since it was Hope's birthday" yep Hope is two now, and I guess the dress will pull double duty with Easter since it was a birthday dress also. (That blue frosting better wash out Kelsey!) Although, truth be told, we're not even going to be together for Easter so I guess they're to take the girls pictures together as well, triple duty. Since Hope was wearing her dress yesterday we put Providence in hers also and the result? Cuteness, and lots of it.

Also I just had to share this picture of Providence in an outfit of her own design. See the belt; over the raincoat? It was mine when I was in grade school, I loved it then, and still do, I don't have many material things from my childhood that I loved so dearly. I hope Providence loves it just as much.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Book Ends

Last summer I started reading classics to Providence like Charlotte's Web, Alice's Adventures In Wonderland, Mary Poppins, etc. They have just enough pictures to enjoy and still be able to need loads of imagination; and written so well that I think I am enjoying reading these as much as she is. We have slacked quite a bit since moving, sticking to easier reads, mostly picture books, though we did check out My Father's Dragon from the library a week or so ago, it is very silly, quick, and fun read. There are two more in that series we are looking forward to reading as well. This past week we started Heidi. Providence's newest role obsession of course is Heidi, once a day she will tell me that she's Heidi "But who will be the grandfather?" This is another ritual of hers, pleading with her question who will be so and so (depending on whatever story she is playacting in) that I will step in and playact also. As I am typing this now, "Heidi" is playing up in the pasture taking care of the goats with Peter and gathering flowers, so off I go to be "Grandfather" and maybe read another chapter of the book before church.

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