Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mary Scot

Little Christmas kitty has been named, for a good month now. Flosha (long O). It's about time I thought, and have become quite accustomed to having a name to call her. Much to my horror this morning Providence started calling her Mary Scot. Mary Scot came from reading a picture book about Queen Elizabeth and how some people felt her cousin Mary the Queen of Scots was the rightful heir to the throne and so tried to kill Queen Elizabeth. It's not that I have anything against Mary Scot, I actually like the name immensely, I find it most charming. A month is just too long to try and change a name, besides Flosha seems to fit her well.

We were outdoors most of our gorgeous yesterday. Aaron brought over one of their goats to eat my weeds, though the poor dear hasn't done much. We also did some work outside gathering yard waste for the burn pile. We had a fire going and a yard beginning to dry up and so needed a hose to keep the heat down and fire from spreading. The hose + the hottest day of the year so far + children = playing in mud. Aaron made it even easier by digging out a little pit for the girls to play in. We've come a long way from the days of getting in trouble for digging a mud wrestling pit. Which we (me and my siblings) did make long ago, a huge one. It took us all morning to get the sticks and rocks out. It was alot of fun till my dad came home from work and we suddenly remembered that we were not allowed to play with water. We had conveniently forgotten in our high of the possibility of being covered in cool mud in the heat of the summer. Looking back we have a little more understanding with the bigger picture. There was a drought going on and houses would get dinged (or extravagantly charged, I just said dinged for my sister Osanna who loves to say, and hear, and probably read "dinged") for over water usage. We were soundly reminded to not forget again. True story. I was reminded of it when I saw my mud covered daughter.

When we went grocery shopping this morning Providence wore her little stuffed puppy Vinegar and I got to wear Joy, sorry no pictures of me, just know it was back carry of absolute cuteness, and I am so grateful for a sister-in-law that lets me baby fix with her kids. I can't wait for her number three...

Oh and we decided that Mary Scot would be Flosha's nick name, if Mary the Queen of Scots had any savage in her it may be an even better name fit.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Along Came a Spider

While having morning cuddles Providence and I were talking about boys and girls. Who is a boy and who is a girl. She decided that the biggest difference between the two was "Girls are scared of spiders, but boys take care of them." This is certainly true in her case, for though she has contemplated having a spider as a pet (while none are in sight, mind you) she will shriek if she sees anything remotely resembling a spider.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Acceptable (or not) Behavior

My sweet little princess daughter likes to pick her nose among some of her other un-princess like behavior, even better, she likes to pick her nose and bring me the boogies. As a mother I have often mindlessly taken them and disposed of them properly myself. One day recently she brought me a "really big boogie" and I had enough sense to tell her to take care of it herself, my mind must of shut down soon after because it was startled to wakefulness again after it processed that strange rubbing-on-carpet sound. My wrath must have been very noticeable indeed as I whipped around asking if the burger was just wiped on the carpet. The guilty culprit quaking, assured me that it was "still there", shoving a very empty finger in my face. Now she faced charges of lying and when accused of this new crime burst into tears sobbing, but in all seriousness asked "But why do we have carpet then?" I'll tell you miss it's most definitely NOT to wipe buggies on.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mango Seeds

I have been trying to make a weekly schedule for ourselves, while still being flexible. AND trying to spend less money since it has been extremely tight lately. So no more out to eat, no more new clothes just because. Not that I buy myself new clothes often, it's Providence really that I have to watch out for. She's always trying to swindle all kinds of cute dresses and new swimsuits and adorable toys she can't live without from me.

So how is it working so far? Well the schedule still seems to be more flexible then set, and I am still choking on all kinds of monthly bills, albeit they do seem to be going down.
It's just so fun to buy things that you know beyond knowing, will look good on the person you are buying it for...like kids, they don't need dressing rooms. And well, let's face it I just love buying my daughter things. Sometimes I wonder if I want to give her things money can buy because I can't give her things money can't buy, like her father back.

Weirdly I actually think it's good for kids to lack in the material things, not as in they don't have enough to eat or wear, but that they don't get everything they want...and a whole lot they didn't even know they wanted. In fact I can't really remember the last thing Providence asked for, I always get things before she can truly want it, much less work for it. I was quite proud of myself the other day when at the end of shopping I put back two unnecessary things, one was a bathing suit for Providence, who does have one; that does indeed fit her. And the second a life vest, that Providence, in fact, does need. To go on Uncle Aaron's boat; but I figured we could get one alot cheaper at a second hand store. Providence was sad to put back the things I had put in the cart and encouraged her to be excited about, but she didn't pitch a fit and she seems to still love me just as much. So here's to hoping next time I don't even put them in the cart.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Chickens are like Apples

And this apple has lasted a through two generations. Though it might have skipped one, notice there's no picture of me being all chicken whisperer.

I guess apples don't fall too far from their trees.

Papa ~ Providence

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The More We Get Together

Aaron and Kelsey had an appointment this morning and I watched their girls. Providence and Hope have been playing together more and with playing comes disagreements. For the most part I like them to try to resolve differences on their own, but today with a bruising bite and a break-the-skin scratch they needed some intervention. Providence insisted that she was pretending to be an "evil cat" so she was doing evil things, not sure what Hopes excuse was...Joy happily hung out in a back wrap for most of the two hours.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Almost Everyday

Some people have what is called a routine in the morning. Wake up, shower, get dressed, do hair/make-up, etc. I really admire these people, I am constantly wondering "how do they do it?", I feel like I am lucky to brush my teeth, of course I have to wake up, I have that down really well, back before I was married and had a kid, I worked at a Hilton in the restaurant. I had to be there at 0530 I think, I would wake up at 0515, do a very limited number of bathroom things (toilet and teeth), while walking out to my truck I would get dressed in the uniform I had laid out starched and ironed the day before, then drive the 10 minutes to work. I think I was late once because I ran out of gas (the gas gauge didn't work nor did the odometer so I was pretty much flying blind) someone did give me a ride to the gas station and back to my truck though, so I wasn't very late. Oh yeah, and one other time I was late because I was scheduled to work one day when I was in Hawaii visiting Joe, my manager had mixed up the days I was getting home. Anyhow enough digression...I also get dressed most days...it's the showering and hair and make-up that get me. How do people do it daily? I cannot blame this on my child either, she's old enough for me to do something without her for a half hour or more. In fact she'd probably like me to do it everyday since she usually gets to watch a movie while I shower, either that or take her much needed bath while I shower. They are right next to each other in my master bathroom so that works out really well.It's not that I'm a dirty person, it'd been a few days in the picture, sure I might not look amazing but I don't look dirty. I make sure I don't smell and stuff, showering seems to just be really low on my list of priorities, I plan to shower almost everyday but other things get my attention...and another day slips by...I won't tell you how often it actually gets done, lets just say I want to shower 3 times a week and I just can't seem to make it.

Off I go to a much needed shower...I hope.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Three Year Olds Fly Too

As I was looking through old pictures for the previous post I was beginning to miss my little baby girl, toothless smiles, chunky rolls, unsteady steps, total dependence. I can't understand why people would choose to parent only one child. There just seems to be a natural ache to do it again and again.

Providence, perhaps sensing my melancholy mood, took it upon herself to sing me a lullaby song. The words went something like this:

I love you, I love you so much mama, I do love you, and I know you love me too.
So ok, three is a good age too. They can tell you they love you and really mean it. They can hide under the sheets and tell stories. They can tell jokes; they can make up jokes (which at three, is still funny even if the joke isn't). They can help with chores (of course "help" isn't always the best word to describe what they're doing).

My heart was soothed, my baby may be growing up, but I shall embrace it, look forward to it, enjoy wholeheartedly even. Then this morning after being instructed to use our words kindly, she informed me that she had to do it because she was the "most naughtiest girl." When I explained that naughty girls get lots of instruction...lots, she decided to not be the naughtiest girl, apparently she was under the impression that naughty girls get to watch movies all day.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ode To The Johnsons

Oh, Johnson's how very fun you are;
we wish to be so close, but alas we are so far

The Lord has given true friends in parents, sister, brothers;
and we thank Him of this often, that we love one another

Thank you for your friendship made most apparent;
reaching out in simple ways when many others daren't

Each minute spent with you is one that we do treasure;
and there are many others that also do us pleasure

The kid's all get along, the quiet, bossy, wild;
spending time together makes each a very happy child

To watch our children grow together had been a special gift;
I want to savor every moment for it goes by so swift

This visit was most welcome, the time spent oh so pleasing;
knowing that we'll see you again made the parting more appeasing

Although parted once again, we'll think of you quite often;
remembering days playing in the sun can make separation soften

Though many miles distance us, our skies do share same stars;
we still wish to be so close, and alas we're still quite far

We will miss you!

Friday, April 11, 2008

A Missing Piece

I skipped a blogging day. I've have been trying to write routinely, but the last few days just got away from me, as Providence would say "oh, sorry 'bout that."

We have been having rather cool weather recently, the other morning waking up to find snow on the ground! It warms up around 7PM when the children should be getting ready for bed, but instead they're playing outdoors. It doesn't get dark till about 9PM so it's hard to have early to beds, Providence will go on and on about the sun still being up. Thankfully blinds block out the majority of light.

One of the fish had babies while I was gone! Four have survived to grow large enough to not be eaten, I think. They still mostly hang out in the vegetation, so they might need a little more protecting. Unfortunately now there will be too many fish for the tank when these little guys get bigger, not sure what to do about that. But God provides for the birds so He can provide for these fish too.

The Johnson's are visiting for a week the kids have fun in the playroom with the dress-up corner and little kitchen, riding scooters around on the nice smooth concrete driveway, the huge new play structure outside(pictures to come later), but guess what their favorite thing is.That's right a box. Not that I blame them, I mean who wouldn't like a huge box?

While in California I was able to go to a Jason Mraz concert with my California siblings and two of the Suthys, it was really fun, especially the part about feeling really young and old at the same time. Young because I was pressed on all sides in standing room only singing along with the songs. Old because it didn't feel as cool as I remember it being and I kept wondering what all these little girls were doing out on a school night, till I remembered it was Friday. Thankfully though my heart is not as old as both of my sisters, who apparently had to walk around outside in the middle of the set because the noise and pushing people was too much. A fun night was had by all anyhow.

Yes, you can definitely tell they are not quite enjoying the bodies pressed together the way Alison and I could.

My poor dear brother Uriah
*have you ruined our relationship?*
is the only one not pictured, but he was also there that night.

Monday, April 7, 2008

The Things I Did Or Didn't Do

I have been home for two entire days now so I guess it would be about time to get back on track, but I haven't. Please don't ask to see certain rooms of the house; or the laundry waiting to be folded and put away; or the stack of bills waiting to be paid; or the half finished projects I want my dad to do while here; or the list of letter/cards/emails I need to write; or what is lurking in the corners of my mind, it is NOT pretty!

So I shall leave you with something pretty.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Home Again

And that's all I have to say right now.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Personalized Radio

Sunday morning: a scene not unlike many others, dressed for church all buckled up for the trip, driving along when we suddenly realize oh no, we forgot the iPod! Providence asks for a particular song that I am unable to produce because without the iPod we can not choose a song (because don't you know, I barely even know how to load a CD anymore, plus even if I did my car CD player is very moody, if it doesn't want to play a stinkin' CD it will cause it to skip till you take it out on your own accord, so I have mostly given it up, I don't even have a CD player in my house.) we will now have to resort to the radio- UNLESS you have a three year old named Providence (or another three year old may do as nicely) then you have can have your very own personalized radio, and I mean very personalized. Some songs on the "Providence Radio" include:

Things she's learned:

"If you see a gun, don't touch"

Things she sees:

"A dog in the bushes"

and things she wants to do:

"Push, push, push"

At one point I asked for another verse a few times, she accommodated the request, till about the sixth time to which she said "That's all this radio has!"

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I Lost All My Money But A Two Dollar Bill

Well the plan was to April Fools you all that I would be moving back to California, I couldn't do it though, knowing all those hearts I would break, with either the news of the "move" back, or by the finding out I was fooling. As much as I love making Kelsey feel a fool, I know how so many lives revolve around where I live, so lets just move on.

Instead I will let others fool today, I make Kelsey feel like a fool all the time anyhow so I'm pretty good.

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