Sunday, February 3, 2008

Late, Later, Latest

In the Marine Corps there's a saying-something like "If you get there 5 minutes early you're still 10 minutes late." It's something I have always striven to adopt, well not always, but I really do like being on time for things, who doesn't (and maybe there are some out there, but do not reveal yourselves for you may be shunned). Before having a child I did pretty good, at least I think I did, but those pre-child days seem like another lifetime ago. Since having a baby I have gone through gradual declines, sometimes I am great, everything goes on schedule, then other times, and now days it's been the worst ever, I am never on top of things, and rarely on time for anything, my mind is in a constant state of chaos. I know alot of you mothers out there may say that's how motherhood is, but it is not how I am, and I think motherhood is an extension of our person. Of course mothers need to be more flexible, of course running a household will mean more demands, which will mean less time to oneself, of course motherhood changes you, but we are still a being and structured more or less the same as before motherhood. I know I am not able to give mothering my best like this, nor am I able to give friendships my best like this; in fact all my relationships suffer. I feel like I have to have it all done before my mind rests, and the problem is it's never done, well that and poor time management, that's my main problem right now (along with losing my mind to an unorganized house), I try to fit too much in too little. Like when you have to be somewhere, the library let's say, in 20 minutes and it only takes 10 minutes to get there, and both of us are ready, I then decide to take the opportunity the "extra" time allows to do something that ends up taking 15 minutes thus leaving when I should be getting there (because, at the end of 15 minutes I remember I forgot to brush my teeth and Providence needed to go pee, has her pants around her ankles and has lost a shoe). Alls this to say I am planning to make monthly goals for myself, my goal for this month is to be on time (or early), and I think that will settle my mind, at least a bit. Also, as each room slowly is put to rights I feel like I get a little more of my sanity back, so that along with the small pocket planner I am now in possession of, I may be back to a sane person yet...


MomS/Gram February 5, 2008 at 12:06 AM  

Wow, sounds a lot like my life, lol! Just different things making me late.

Renata February 12, 2008 at 8:57 PM  

I'm one of Drea's friends finally delurking to comment. I've never been much of a structured person, but I am slowly improving. You mentioned trying to do"one more thing" before you go out the door. Which in turn makes you late. I read about that on a blog somewhere a while back and it has made things so much easier. So, you're on the right track and definitely further along than I am.

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