Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Small Prayers

Mondays I have been hostessing a play group at my house with my sister-in-law Kelsey. It's been three weeks now and so far, only the friends she's invited have come. Granted she has been here alot longer then I, so I should think will know more people. I have invited a couple other mothers from my church to come, the problem is, most everybody has children being schooled in the mornings and need to focus on that. Nevertheless we have enjoyed our little play days so far and I look forward to continuing them. Anyhow less may be not so bad, when you get 7 kids under 4 years old (the most we've had so far) it can get pretty crazy, in a good way though, so more would not be bad either. This time we only had four. My brother Aaron came over after his dentist appointment and made a sled for the girls, he tried to buy one first but the stores have sold out for the SEASON! And the cardboard and dog leash seem to work just fine.

Every night for the past week Providence has been praying for a little sister; two nights ago she prayed "God...well...I really want a little sister...so please give me a little sister, and a grateful heart. Amen." When my turn for prayer came I prayed that the Lord will continue to direct my steps and I will joyfully follow where He leads, that I would reflect Christ to my daughter that she may learn of Him through me, and oh yeah, please give me a grateful heart. After dinner last night, Providence thanked me for the yummy dinner, for working to make it and that she loved it so much. Her praise warmed my heart so. I told her "You're welcome Providence; I am so pleased to hear your grateful heart." And she responded with "Yeah, God gave it to me because I prayed for it." No wonder we are supposed to become like a child.


MomS/Gram February 5, 2008 at 2:12 PM  

I love the cardboard and dog leash, very resourceful and creative! Your story made me cry because I am so grateful and blessed to see such innocence and faith in Providence's little heart. You are such a wonderful example to others of God's goodness, and Providence is reflecting your heart and faith in her own. Thank you for sharing and for keeping your eyes on Christ. You are doing a wonderful job!

Ivanna February 5, 2008 at 9:38 PM  

I like the picture, Providence looks like a giant! Thanks for the story. It's a great reminder to have a grateful heart. :) Love you both.

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