Thursday, March 3, 2011

Due Dates and Sisters

Jubilee absolutely adores Providence. She follows her around the house and wants to do everything she does. Sometimes she will even refuse to give me kisses, instead bestowing them on her very willing sister. I love that they can, and do, play together. Providence doesn't seem to mind the copy-cat, yesterday she even picked out "matching" outfits for the two of them. Later I caught them spinning around in circles till they fell down in the living room. Their giggles are infectious, and I'm sorry you can't hear them.
Today is my semi-official due date. I've thought this is a boy nearly the whole pregnancy, and would really like to add some testosterone to our estrogen filled house. Watching the girls together however makes me think throwing another one in the mix would be fun too (not to mention the convenience of clothing). Thankfully I don't get to choose, God in His infinite wisdom does and we'll joyfully receive the blessing He gives.


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