Sunday, May 25, 2008

Off With The Old And On To Something Else

We had a hot day a week or two ago that I was out in all day. I even had a burn to prove it. The burn has since settled down and is in mid-process of "off with the old" type thing. My entire back is all flaky and peely and though it's been this way for a couple days apparently Providence didn't notice right away. Having never seen a peeling sunburn when Providence did notice she was slightly perplexed and asked me if it was good for me. I replied that it wasn't (though I was talking about the sunburn not being good, perhaps the peeling is once the damage was done? I'm not sure and for the sake of my tale we will not go into that...Unless someone does know the answer, in which case I would gladly hear it, {or read it, really you don't have to call}). Upon learning that it wasn't good for me Providence immediately came to the worse must mean I'm dying. I assured her it did not, it's just dead skin from the burn I had.

I hope I have done right by being honest with her about her father, I can't imagine doing it any other way. I feel very strongly about not lying to my daughter nor purposely deceiving her about things, big or small. Obviously there are age appropriate things, but if I am unable to answer questions honestly then I just wouldn't answer, and I would tell her that I was unable to answer that for her at that time. I have yet to run into that problem but there's the plan of action should it happen.

Back to her father...I have been completely honest about Joe, she's asked many a question and we talk of him often. She seems more aware of death then most three year olds, which I guess, when you talk about it, you have to think about it, so it makes sense. I just hope that my teaching of life and death will still her fears. That the Lord gives us time here on earth, and we should be grateful for each moment, each breath we're given, that's it's a good thing to be here and the Lord watches over us and provides for us, and then we die but the Lord still provides for us, in such a glorious way that we get to spend eternity not only with Him but also with each other. Providence can and does look forward to the day when she will meet both her Heavenly Father, and also her earthly father. I imagine that they will be able to hold each other for the first time and rejoice fully in the work of the Lord.
With Memorial Day tomorrow I just want to encourage if I can, for you to remember those that have given their lives, my husband among them. Honor these men, their lives and sacrifice. A great way to do this daily is to live your life to the fullest. Pour love into your family without expecting anything back, give to them your life completely and totally. Rejoice in the Lord, do not become bitter. Play with your children, enjoy them, train them, do not let them become your burden. Doing this will not only honor those who've died but the living as well. And of course the highest honor, glory, and praise should always be reserved for our Savior.


Julie May 26, 2008 at 7:09 AM  

This is Julie, Deborah Wallace's sister. I met you and Providence in CA when our babies were little (my Chloe is also 3).

Anyway, thank you for this post, and I wanted you to know you are thought about today.

Hugs to you and your sweet daughter from VA on this Memorial Day.

The Scatterbrain May 26, 2008 at 9:54 AM  

Thank you for visiting my blog. Providence is such a blessed child. And I'm sure she's a great blessing to you too. Her name is just beautiful.

Growing up, my parents were totally honest with me. And like you, if they couldn't answer a question. They'd admit to it. There's so much trust there. I know whatever my parents tell me is true.

Reading your post,I was reminded of Corrie Ten Boom's childhood story. When she was a little girl, she asked her father "Dad, what's the meaning of sex?" They were travelling to someplace at that time. Her father sropped and handed his heavy suitcase over to her and said "carry this"
"But.." she said "it's too heavy and I'm only a little girl!"
"that's right" said her father.
"There are some things in life that are too hard for a little girl like you to carry. When you're old enough I'll tell you about them myself"
Corrie Ten Boom was happy with that answer.

Hope the story encourages you. You are in my prayers.

MomS/Gram May 26, 2008 at 12:24 PM  

I read that children don't fully understand what death means until they are about 7 years old. Providence understands better than children her age that haven't been touched by the loss of a parent because you loved Joey so much and he is a part of you both. I think it is great that you are honest with her, but also that you let her know that you don't have an answer for her all the time but that God knows the answer, and He is taking care of us, even though we don't undersand everything. I think she will always be sensitive to other's losses also, because she is growing up with it.

I also think it is a good thing to peel from a sunburn, as shedding off the old dead skin reveals the new skin. Just like when we die, we shed off the outer body (because it is no longer functioning) and our spirit soars freely to our home in Heaven. If the old dead skin stayed, the new skin wouldn't be able to come out. Then what would happen? I remember Joey being very sensitive to my feelings and his surroundings when he was a toddler. I told him about Heaven a lot because I had just started to grow in my walk with Christ at that time and he used to look forward to going there whenever life was really sad.

I love the story about Corrie Ten Boom and her father.

Jen May 26, 2008 at 1:48 PM  

Hi Lis,

I have meant to leave you a comment before and somehow never did. It's funny, Stepping Heavenward is one of my favorites and I love some of the other books you listed as well. I'm glad that you found me, and I will probably be "stalking but not really stalking" you as well. :)
I have a lot of admiration for you. God bless you!

Brittany Martin May 26, 2008 at 9:07 PM  

Happy Memorial Day, Lis!
Today I had a long drive to Gilroy and listened to Memorial Day stories on the radio the whole way. I was so burdened with wanting to thank you and the sacrifice your family made on this day.

I've always had a hard time with these days since I never knew anyone growing up who was in the military, let alone lost their lives in it. It's helped me to make a connection to someone I know.

I was going to e-mail you until I saw that you had done this post--very apropos for the day.

Thank you for your sacrifice and thank you for being such a godly witness--especially to your daughter who sees it more than anyone else!

JudySanders May 30, 2008 at 12:23 AM  

Hi Lis,
Judy Sanders here. You probably don't remember me but I certainly remember you. I just read some of your blogs and I have to tell you that you are a true ispiration. I think of you sometimes and I'm glad that the Lord has you and Providence in His embrace. Your little angel is just beautiful! The last time I saw her she was in her carrier, how time flies! Take care and God bless you both!

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