Saturday, August 9, 2008

Where Oh Where Can My Mail Have Gone

My mail is missing...a whole stack of bills and one netflix, all sent on the same day, have turned up missing (side rant: this makes no sense, how can something "turn up" missing? If it's turned up it's not missing. And why am I keeping this silly phrase in my post?) The netflix gave me the first clue (see movies are good for something). Mailed on Friday would usually make it returned on Monday. When it was still at large on Wednesday I listed it as missing and checked out my online bank so see if any of the bills have been posted. Sure enough not one of them was, so I spent Friday afternoon calling each company to make repayments.

My missing outgoing mail though is not alone either, I am also missing at least one incoming thing (that I am aware of), and I suffered two days
of not getting any mail. That's right when I opened the door there was nothing but a cold hard empty box, which has not happened since I've moved here. There has always been something, catalogs or adds at the very least.

So with mail on the fritz all over the country, at least for myself and cousin Rose (who has actually written numerous posts about her mail service) I wonder what's a feller to do when he can't count on the USPS? Or worse yet, my neighborhood kids...


Rosie August 9, 2008 at 11:15 AM  

I feel ya. What is with the mail these days?

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