Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Growing Cousins

I bought the cutest Easter dress for Providence yesterday. And on further perusing I found an almost matching dress for Hope and Joy with the same material, different design; so I of course called up my sister-in-law Kelsey and told her I found the girls Easter dress and would be getting them then. Thankfully I have a sister-in-law that takes me well, and even seems to like me, despite all the bossing around and everything. Today when they came over for Monday play-day Kelsey brought over the yummiest applesauce cupcakes made with whole wheat flour, and sweetened with stevia. After admiring the Easter dresses that I got (which Kelsey does like, strangely even liking the ones I got her girls from the infant/toddler section better, then the much superior one I got Providence from the girls section, but who am I to argue with pregnancy) she wanted Hope to wear her new dress "since it was Hope's birthday" yep Hope is two now, and I guess the dress will pull double duty with Easter since it was a birthday dress also. (That blue frosting better wash out Kelsey!) Although, truth be told, we're not even going to be together for Easter so I guess they're to take the girls pictures together as well, triple duty. Since Hope was wearing her dress yesterday we put Providence in hers also and the result? Cuteness, and lots of it.

Also I just had to share this picture of Providence in an outfit of her own design. See the belt; over the raincoat? It was mine when I was in grade school, I loved it then, and still do, I don't have many material things from my childhood that I loved so dearly. I hope Providence loves it just as much.


Ivanna March 4, 2008 at 1:09 PM  

The girls are so cute! Love you!

Drea March 6, 2008 at 7:01 PM  

I LOVE that last pic of Providence. SO PRETTY

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