Thursday, March 6, 2008

Where'd That Come From

Last night I was at my desk and heard an odd sound, I looked up and who did I find but Fresh Wind (kitty's newest name) all by her lonesome, trying to figure out how to get down, while I wondered how she got up. A few days ago Providence announced that this little sweet looking killer's name was Fresh Air and that she was going to keep it as that, no more changing, it lasted for a bit longer then day or two and now I guess she is slowly changing it, half the name at a time. I wonder what the day will bring...I foresee anything from Fresh Salsa to Soaring Wind.

Providence made it through her first dentist appointment. It went rather well I think. She was quite nervous, despite our playing dentist for some weeks now in preparation of the visit. She got one of those sticky hands (but it was a sticky tooth) as a prize for not having any cavities, though I think they still give out prizes even if you do have cavities. Thankfully Providence has great spaces between her teeth, the only ones that touch are her back molars. Going to a new dentist has always been an interesting experience for me, not because I am scared of them, not in the least, but because I am missing a front tooth on the bottom, it just never grew in, no baby tooth and nothing to replace the not-lost baby tooth. They all grew in touching anyhow so it's hard to tell, in fact I have had to tell some hygienists while they're writing things down, because they didn't notice. Then after noticing (or me telling about) the poor missing tooth, follow the questions of surprise "It never grew in?" and sometimes even calling others to come and see my missing tooth that never was. This time I had a different interesting experience though, while they were cleaning my teeth with the sonic pick thing the hose shot off and sprayed me all over, it was very shocking. Once I was cleaned up and the thing was fixed, we continued on with the cleaning. It happened again thankfully after the second drenching and another jolt to my gums the hygienist decided to do the rest by hand, she seemed frightfully embarrassed. I have no hard feelings about it though, they were good to me otherwise and very good to Providence, I'm just glad it didn't happen to someone who's afraid of the dentist already.

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Mrs. Schwager March 11, 2008 at 8:55 AM  

I have a funny cat name for you: when one of my cousins was about Providence's age he had a cat that he decided to name Prayer Warrior. My aunt, his mother, always felt a little funny when she would call the cat in for the night. "Here Prayer Warrior, Prayer Warrior, Prayer Warrior! Here Kitty, Kitty!"

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