Saturday, March 22, 2008

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

I have safely arrived, the drive actually ended up speeding by, and not too literally either, I kept the cruise control at 5 m/h over the limit. Big improvement from my speedy ways. Providence is loving being near aunties, uncle, Oma, Papa, and of course the Johnson's. Last night we went to a Christian Seder, if you ever have a chance to go to one - DO. I can not encourage you enough. I have been to a number over the years and it just gets better each time. This year we celebrated way off the calendar. Passover is not for another month, but I am glad it was done so far off so I could be here to enjoy it. I am doing poorly with taking pictures, the camera has not been unpacked yet, but I got a couple with a camera phone.

The night after we got we got in Providence woke up numerous times with diarrhea and vomit (no fever), quite a fun experience I must say, especially the part where I tried to catch the vomit in my hands. The next day brought smiles and and no indication of sickness, by mid-day I thought perhaps she had eaten something off. Evening she was tired but I just attributed it to the bad night sleep the night before...well it was another night of vomiting, though no diarrhea this time and still no fever. She is now awake, once again happily acting in a regular un-sick way. I have no idea what's going on here...sick or not? She seems to be one person by day and an entirely different people by person by night. I really hope that no one catches anything from her if this is indeed some kind of sickness, and being visited upon us two nights in a row that would be my inclination. ::sigh:: Washing vomit out of a screaming child's hair is never easy, and even less so when I am running on about 16 hours of broken sleep in the last 3 days. Oh, and throw a 12 hours drive in there. Never-the-less, we are happy to be here.


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